Tvr 2

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Is the second channel of the public broadcaster TVR. The channel was created in 1968, but it was suspended from 1985 until after the fall of the Communist regime in 1989. From 2003 it has been market leader in Romania with some very well thought shows as Tonomatul DP2, the British show Doctor Who and always makes huge rating points during the Callatis Festival, which it airs live for a whole week.
The main news show of the channel is Ora de ┼čtiri (News Hour) broadcast daily, at 22:00. Also, the 14:00 Jurnalul TVR is re-broadcast at 16:00 on TVR2. TVR 2 was to be broadcast in HD under the name TVR 2 HD starting December 2018, however it was delayed and will be available Fall 2019.

Country: Romania (1st national network), Moldova (terrestrial - 2nd state network; cable)
Broadcast: National. Also distributed in Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia and via satellite across Europe and in certain areas by cable.
Sister channel(s): TVR1, TVR3, TVRi, TVR HD
Digital terrestrial: Channel 2
Telekom: Channel 102
UPC: Channel 2 (digital with DVR), Channel 2 (analogue), Channel 03 (digital)
RCS&RDS: Channel 2